• Real community + connection do exist in virtual space.

    Bring your members together without the struggle of figuring out how.


    The Series framework is a culmination of best-practices from more than 20 years generating intentional business results for NPO, Fortune 100 and high growth companies


    We believe there is a craft to on-point message delivery - and a science to effective persuasion. We believe the real power exists in relationships, and that power is amplified when relationships are stronger with more frequent contact. At the core, an eNetwork Series is the framework to get you to the essence of connection, and keep you there.


    Establish quality connections through content that resonates

    1. Design an interactive environment that allows participants to internalize the content
    2. Foster behavior with consistent exposure
  • You Haven't Met Like This Before.

    Icon with two people exchanging information

    Personal Connections

    1-1 interaction with vetted connections

    Icon with a presenter interacting with audience

    Interactive Sessions

    No more passive presentations

    Icon with arrow hitting a target

    Relevant Material

    Audience-centric dialogue

  • Schedule Time to Talk Strategy

    No obligation - leave session with valuable findings, including: potential revenue streams, a drafted Series design, audience anchors to your organization.