• Organizations looking to compete differently need to design differently.

    Advanced Events designs your content into a community atmosphere, resulting in an entire network talking about, interacting with, and taking action around your business initiatives.

  • The Framework

    Bring your audience together without the struggle of figuring out how. Our plug-and-play framework includes the system and process for immediate activation. Together, we'll translate your content into a money-making mecca.

    Expert Guidance

    • Expert-led identification of organizational "Results That Matter"
    • Prioritization of content offerings by audience 
    • Identification of income opportunities and projected expenses
    • Creation of experiential Series offerings (length and inclusions...aka Calendar of Events)
    • Generation of Message Map by Audience to support marketing and sales efforts
    • Implementation guidance for the series

    Collateral Assets

    • Website Presence
    • Member Portal
    • Registration System
    • Video Creation and Script Messaging 

    Communication Templates

    • Members / Special Guests / Media
    • Speakers / Moderators / Influencers
    • Service Providers / Exhibitors / Vendors
    • Sponsor Sales / Fulfillment

    Content Delivery Platforms

    • Speed Networking / Meet-up Scheduling
    • Group Discussion / SME 
    • Series Dashboard
  • Design Intentionally

    with flexible structure to grow as your industry and audience demand.

    Create Connections

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    Engage a Network

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    Convene a Community

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  • Schedule Time to Talk Strategy

    No obligation - leave session with valuable findings, including: potential revenue streams, a drafted Series design, audience anchors to your organization.