• Real community + connection do exist in virtual space.

    Networking + Community Building + Personal / Professional Development

  • eNetwork - Your Space for Next-Level Interactions

    The world has lost the convenience of physical space creating every-day connections.

    We're bringing real community and connection back in virtual space.


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    Personal Connections

    1-1 interaction with vetted connections

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    Interactive Experiences

    No more passive presentations

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    Relevant Material

    Audience-centric dialogue

  • Networking + Community Building + Personal / Professional Development

    You Haven't Met Like This Before.

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    Engaging Formats

    • One-on-One
    • Small Group Discussion
    • Inspiring Presentations
    • Speed Networking
    • Masterminding
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    Continual Interaction & Connection

    • Discuss topics further on the exclusive eNetwork Community portal
    • Access bio details for direct networking and collaboration
    • Connect to larger special interest groups around specific topics
    • Monthly live speed networking sessions
    • Bi-weekly live sessions with thought leadership and provocative dialogue  
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    Easy, Secure User Experience

    • Predictable format at standard time intervals for live events
    • Presentation content available on demand for playback
    • Mobile or desktop participation
    • Private and confidential space for productivity and creativity
    • Portal accessible 24/7
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    Register for FREE eNetwork Power Connection Speed Networking

    Join a 55-minute speed networking session.


    Scheduled for lunch on the 2nd Wednesday of every month starting at Noon CST.

  • Fall 2020 Series: Deeper Connections for Entrepreneurs

    Join us for this series of online workshops for deeper networking, thought leadership development, best practice sharing, and masterminding. Gather with like-minded peers in a space dedicated for next-level interactions.


    This Series includes:

    • 4 sessions over an 8-week time period
    • Combination of presentation, small group discussion, speed networking, and masterminding
    • Continual connection outside of the sessions through the exclusive eNetwork Community portal
    • Recorded sessions available for playback

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